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東京オペラシティ定期シリーズ/全8公演  [会場]東京オペラシティコンサートホール [開演]19:00(開場18:30)

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall was designed to be a vibrant home for music itself. It is a cathedral-like super-chamber of warm, resonant wood that brings out the colors of sound like sunlight through stained glass. It is the ideal setting for feeling at home with the world's most beautiful music.

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Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Shinjuku or Hatsudai)

Time: 18:30 open 19:00 start


The 101st  Apr 27, 2016, Wed 19:00start(18:30open)

ミハイル・プレトニョフ ベリト・ゾルセット ベリト・ゾルセット 石丸 幹二 富岡 明子
Conductor: Mikhail Pletnev
Narrator: Kanji Ishimaru

Solveig: Berit Solset (Soprano)
Peer Gynt: Mitsuya Okubo (Baritone)
Anitra: Akiko Tomioka (Mezzo-Soprano)
Chorus: New National Theatre Chorus

■Grieg: Complete incidental music to “Peer Gynt,”(with subtitles)

The 102nd  Jun 10, 2016, Fri 19:00start(18:30open)

指揮:尾高 忠明 チェロ:岡本侑也
Conductor: Tadaaki Otaka
Cello: Yuya Okamoto*

■Dvorak: "Carnival" Overture
■Dvorak: Cello Concerto*
■Dvorak: Symphony No.8

The 103rd  Jul 21, 2016, Thu 19:00start(18:30open)


Conductor: Myung-Whun Chung

■Mozart: Symphony No. 40
■Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4

The 104th  Sept 21, 2016, Wed 19:00start(18:30open)

チョン・ミョンフン ピアノ:チョ・ソンジン
Conductor: Myung-Whun Chung
Piano: Seong-Jin Cho* (2015 Chopin Competition winner)

■Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” *
■Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 “Pastorale”

The 105th  Oct 19, 2016, Wed 19:00start(18:30open)


Conductor: Andrea Battistoni

■Verdi: "Luisa Miller" Overture
■Verdi: Ballet Music from Opera “Macbeth”
■Rossini: "William Tell" Overture
■Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, "Fate"

The 106th  Jan 26, 2017, Thu 19:00start(18:30open)

指揮:佐渡 裕 アコーディオン:御喜 美江
Conductor: Yutaka Sado
Bandoneon: Mie Miki*

■Wagner: "Tannhauser" overture
■Piazzolla: Bandoneon Concerto*
■Brahms: Symphony No.1

The 107th  Feb 23, 2017, Thu 19:00start(18:30open)

ミハイル・プレトニョフ アンドレイ・イオヌト・イオニツァ
Conductor: Mikhail Pletnev
Cello: Andrei Ionită* (2015 Tchaikovsky Competition winner)

■Stravinsky: Russian-style Scherzo
■Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante (Cello Concerto No. 2)*
■Stravinsky: Ballet Suite "The Firebird"

The 108th  Mar 13, 2017, Mon 19:00start(18:30open)

アンドレア・バッティストーニ 松田華音
Conductor: Andrea Battistoni
Piano: Matsuda Kanon*

■Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2*
■Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6 “Pathetique”


Subscription membership price
(Tokyo Opera City subscription series for 8 concerts)

A 40% discount from the regular price of single tickets when you purchase a subscription membership. For example, you can purchase an S seat for just 6,300 yen per concert for your membership, compared to 10,000 yen regular price! You will save 29,600 yen for the entire season. (This applies, when you become a Tokyo Phil Friends.)

Tokyo Opera City subscription series(8 concerts/tax inclusive)
General ¥96,000 ¥56,000 ¥47,600 ¥39,200 ¥30,800 ¥8,000
Tokyo Phil Friends ¥50,400 ¥42,840 ¥35,280 ¥27,720

For the Tokyo Phil Friends, we offer a 10% discount by phone (except for SS seats and Student seats.)

Student seats

Student seats are available for students of junior & senior high schools, universities, graduate schools, along with adults who go to business schools, and vocational schools by presenting your student ID. (The choice of the seat will be at discretion of the Tokyo Phil.)


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*Children under elementary school(under 6years old) are not allowed.
*Please understand that we do not accept cancellation once you apply.
*Admission during the performance and movements is not accepted.

Make sure to be there in advance of the opening time.



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